Altos de Cantillana Expediciones & Ecoturismo – Valle de Aculeo – Chile

Aculeo, a world to discover

8 horas


Program for children and students of all grade levels and ages.

The route runs along the lower part of the Altos de Cantillana Reserve, in the Los Hornos sector, a place full of history and natural attractions that bring visitors into intimate contact with nature, showing various environmental issues, environmental history, recognition of species, communities and processes, and developing the ability to interpret and understand the environment.

The route starts in a xerophyte scrubland, before entering a dense ancient forest of pataguas, lingual, and bellotos trees, which grows around the Las Cabras Estuary.

In the area of El Llano we’ll break for a group activity, then climb the Olivera Knoll where we’ll see panoramic views of the Aculeo Valley. Then we will descend to the shore of the lagoon for lunch and spend the rest of the evening in the pleasant Punta Verde area, carrying out other group activities related to environmental education.

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