Altos de Cantillana Expediciones & Ecoturismo – Valle de Aculeo – Chile

This route passes through the most important environmental and historical points of interest of the Aculeo Lagoon, where you can observe the many changes that have taken place at the only natural lake in the region, including the deterioration processes and the dependence of the valley of its waters. The excursion begins at Punta Verde Pier next to the León Peninsula, near the mouth of the Las Cabras Estuary, one of two tributaries of the lake.

As you go away from the shore you will see the impressive Altos de Cantillana range and the Horcón de Piedra (“Stone Pitchfork”). Moving westward you will see two islands and relict sclerophyll vegetation, and along the way you’ll learn about the rich mythology of the Lagoon and its origins. In the area of Rangue, you will visit the last wetlands, remains of an extinct ecosystem, covering less than 50 years, around all the shores. Finally, we’ll go to shore at the Casa de Maquinas of Rangue (“RangueHouse of Machines”)installations created in 1911 that are still in use today to irrigate part of the Aculeo Valley. Here we’ll end our tour and return to the Punta Verde Pier.

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