Altos de Cantillana Expediciones & Ecoturismo – Valle de Aculeo – Chile

The Altos de Cantillana Nature Reserve was created in 2008as an initiativeand main objective of the Altos de Cantillana Corporation, which brings together the four major owners of the Cordón Altos de Cantillana.

This reserve includes the land above an altitude of 1,000 meters from the La Huachera de Aculeo, Los Hornos de Aculeo, Fundo Rangue, and Fundo la Rinconada de Chocalán country estates, identified as the area of greatest ecological value under the Altos de Cantillana Biodiversity Conservation Project. The area includes the oak forests and the sub-Andean and Andean scrubland communities that grow in the higher elevations, while the bulk of the sclerophyll shrubs and forests grow under the 1,000 meters of the properties, which constitute the buffer zones of the reserve.

The Reserve is a unique reservoir of wildlife at a regional, national, and even global level. Along with characteristic flora and fauna, you can observe a series of ecological processes that have been maintained through the extension of the area and controlled human use. These conditions allowed the Reserve to be declared a Nature Sanctuary in 2009, a title granted by the Ministry of Education, which constituted a new official protection status for the area.

Due to the high ecological stress exerted by various activities including tourism and ranching on the Reserve, it utilizes a system of controlled visits to maintain optimal conditions. Therefore, any entry to the Reserve must be approved. Since our company works directly with the Altos de Cantillana Corporation, our programs include all required entry permits and taxes.

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