Altos de Cantillana Expediciones & Ecoturismo – Valle de Aculeo – Chile

Currently much of the area of Aculeois dedicated to farming and ranching, which is lessening with the transformation from agricultural land use to a real estate and residential use. This process, in addition to the proximity to Santiago and the well-known globalization process, is accelerating the loss of the rich cultural heritage of the area, much of which still remains unregistered and known only by small groups of people, mostly elderly. That’s why the recognition and enhancement of this knowledge is urgent, and our company works towards this goal together with other institutions such as ACULEUFU, the Cultural and Heritage Development Corporation of Aculeo.

It forges a cultural mixing process, creating the “Creole” culture with strong Spanish influences, but with its own nuances and characteristics, some endemic to the area.

The Aculeo culture has various customs, some of which are extinct or disappearing, including utilitarian crafts such as loom weavings, pottery, and wicker basketry. Similarly, many customs come from typical country activities such as trails, rodeos, taming, herding, and harvesting. Among the traditions that have been maintained over time, although less popular today than in years past, are those of a religious artistic character such as “La Novena del Niño Dios,” the Fiesta del Carmen, and the Cruz de Mayo, the last two a living testament of an old expression of the Song to the Human and the Divine.

Highlights include the Main House de Pintué, the Pintué Church, the Rangue Chapel and the Corner House from the Ex Fundo Rangueo, the last two declared “Historic Monuments” by the National Monuments Council. Destroyed by the earthquake of February 27, 2010, this important part of the rural heritage is now gone forever.

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