Altos de Cantillana Expediciones & Ecoturismo – Valle de Aculeo – Chile

About Us



Our company was born from a deep passion for natural, cultural, tangible, and intangible heritage that we can find in the Aculeo Valley and Altos de Cantillana as in any locality that maintains and manifests characteristic features of its historical identity.

It is that passion that motivates us to address the growing deterioration of the natural environment and the process of globalization and cultural homogenization, to seek ways to rescue the heritage and help recognize its value so that from its essence and the appreciationof the visitors, resources can be generated to allow its preservation and perpetuation through time, strengthening the identity of the area.

It is from this premise that Altos de Cantillana Expeditions was established, as a way to generate local development, always based on the preservation of our heritage.

That’s why Environmental and Cultural Education is a cornerstone of all our activities and programs.

Alongside our company and sharing the same goals, we created together with other young professionals the Cultural and Patrimonial Development Corporation of Aculeo(ACULEUFU), which focuses on the application of projects that contribute to the conservation and development of natural and cultural heritage (

Our History

Altos de Cantillana began as an idea in 2007 that came to fruition as a company in 2008. In 2009, it received government entrepreneurship support, obtaining “Line 1 Seed Capital” from CORFO (“Corporación de Fomento de la Producción de Chile”), which became an important support for the development of enterprise strategies and the company’s arrival to the national ecotourism market.

Altos de Cantillana Expeditions is an ecotourism company founded by:

Fernanda Romero Gárate – Operations
A Landscape Ecologist from the Universidad Central de Chile, Fernanda is currently studying for her Master’s degree in “Management of Protected Areas” at the Universidad de Chile.

Francisco Tacussis Brangier – Commercial
An architect from the Universidad Central de Chile, Francisco is carrying out his profession independently with an environmentally friendly architectural approach (

Ximena Romero Gárate – Special Guide
Graduate of Ecotourism Administration at Universidad de Andrés Bello.

Co-Founder of the Cicloaustral Project

Javier Muñoz Valenzuela – Special Guide
Licensed in Spanish Language and Literature from the Universidad de Chile;
Graduate of Ecotourism Administration at the Universidad de Andrés Bello;

Co-Founder of the Cicloaustral Project

Jaime Acevedo Riquelme – Guide specialized in special interest tourism
Graduate of Ecotourism Administration at the Universidad de Andrés Bello;
Specialist in Mountain Climbing.

Alex Salinas Donaire – Head of Camp

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