Altos de Cantillana Expediciones & Ecoturismo – Valle de Aculeo – Chile

Discover the majesty of the nature of Central Chile

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La Olivera, discover a new world

Trekking for all ages that takes you during 4,5 hours through humid Woods, learning about flora, fauna and local history while enjoying a panoramic view over the Aculeo Valley and Altos del Cantillana.


Adventure in the Aculeo Valley – trekking + bicycle + kayak

A full day ride combining different experiences like trekking, kayak and bicycle which will allow you to enjoy a lovely day through country side and nature.


Discovering the natural pools of Cantillana

Full day trekking that allows you to go deep into the valley, travelling across woods and arriving to wonderfully refreshing natural pools.



An opportunity to enjoy nature and adventure only 45 minutes from Santiago Centre.

A real natural refuge where unique in the world flora and fauna can be found.

Discover the habitat of the Valeria growler lizard (Pristidactylus valeriae), the little hazlenut (Avellanita bustillosii), or the Santiago Oak (Nothofagus macrocarpa).

Beastounded by an astonishing BALCONY over the Santiago valley, the Andes, and the Aculeo valley, among others.

ecotourism –   responsible tourism –   rural tourism –   sustainable tourism

Discover the majesty of Central Chile’senvironment, one of the top-25 biodiversity HOT SPOT on the planet. Starting from the Aculeo Valley by horseback or hiking, you’ll be charmed by the native sclerophyll (“hard-leaved”) shrubs and woods, which have a great wildlife diversity of endemic species, to finally reach the high peaks where an oak forest grows that is one of the last that we can found so far north in the country.

Altos de Cantillana is a private nature reserve in the higher elevations of the Coastal Cordillera of Central Chile (altitude: 2,280 meters).

On the other hand, the “Aculeo Valley” gives refuge to important culturales locales and productive manifestations, product of oral transmission of the intangible heritage, like a song to the divine and to the human as well as to the fruit of the hardworking country farmer’s labor.

Year-round guided expeditions.

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